Jo picThe creation of Go Active Kids was a brainwave which occured to me (Joanne Keith) during the deliberations on how to put my Early Childhood Education (ECE) qualification to good use: a year or so ago, while gazing at a McDonald's play facility in which my two young boys were cavorting, the mental light bulb ignited.....a facility for kids but, one which emphasizes fitness as well as fun.

In concert with my training, having three children of my own has tuned me in to what children like and also what they need in order to develop play and motor skills appropriate to their ages. In the short time we have been open our fitness-fun-friendship motto has already shown itself to be very fitting.

With Go Active Kids we have a professionally-installed, innovative, indoor play centre which addresses those needs. Focusing on the physical fitness of today's children, our play centre is a cubicle-concept fabrication. i.e: a modular unit which is made up of numerous pods housing a variety of fitness and fun activities. Its various levels are designed to target different aspects of a child's physical development.
Clicking on our equipment link at left will take you on a tour of all these various play / fitness stations which culminate in an 18-foot slide which takes kids down to the ground floor and another level of fun.

Construction of our brand new facility has been completed and we are open for business at 59 Gatehouse Run in Kingswood North (next to the new Esso/Tim Horton's service station). *Click on the location link at left for our Google map.

We are now accepting registrations for our September Before & After School program plus Party bookings. We invite you to check our Website regularly for program updates and other news.

You can bet that a party at Go Active Kids will leave parents and children alike wanting to come back for more!
Do contact me if you have any questions which this website does not address and I will be pleased to respond to them.


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